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Monday, December 03, 2007
Car Crash

Yes this morning I got into a car accident. Here's what happened. it was on Harlem near 83rd. Harlem is a four lane road two lanes go north two go south. in the middle is a median where you can turn. I the right lane was a maintenance truck that was blocking the road. A ass bag decided to cut me off instead of waiting his turn to go around the truck. To avoid being hit I sharply turned and honked my horn. I hit the curb and my passenger front tire exploded. I pulled into the middle median and asked one of the maintenance workers if I could use his phone. I called my mom to tell her what happened then I called 911. The police came and called a tow truck for me. The guy came and put my spare on. Bastard cost me $50. I got to school and back safely. Now I just need to get new tires. I'm all right nothing bruised or broken. I didn't get the license plate. everything happened too fast.

Posted at 02:23 pm by jetblack21
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Monday, October 01, 2007
Man bites werewolf.....News at 11pm

It's been along time since I posted I know but you know how it is. You graduate with a associates degree. You go searching for a job. You realize that after four months of searching you've found nothing. Add to that your career service people have stopped helping you. So what man to do? You go back for your bachlors that's what you do! So you load up on the classes you need so you can gradute with your friends. Of course the first thing that happens is that a class that is vital to your degree gets cancelled. But it's cool cause you can take it B session. With a guy you've never heard before. and it's an 8 week class. fun... So you try to have a social life when your going to school. So your friends don't think your dead. It works fine untill your parents start yelling at you because they haven't seen you do any work. and because "they" aren't up your ass all the time you "must" not be doing anything. So for the rest of the term you sit at home and do homework. Homework that you usually do at school. during class. so you don't have to do it at home. You just go on Wednesday to your friends movie night. Now you want your resume to have something on it that isn't a few years old. So you get a job at school so you can put it on your resume to show that you are just some shmuck that does nothing. Oh and you get paid for it. So you start t wonder what your grades are. Most of your teachers post their grades online. A few don' start to worry because you know you've done well but you need the visual to prove it to your parents. so you find out that your getting 3 B's a C and an A. But on of these postings comes later than you would have liked. So now that you avoided a heart attack from the thought of failing you need to keep those grades from slipping. and mabey bump some up so you can keep your job. Which you need a 3.0 to have. You join a new club while disbanding you old club. You meet some new people. Of course you don't how to talk to women so you can't get past the friend stage....stupid friend stage. Oh how I hate thee!.....Moving on. So now there are three weeks to the end of the term. you have a major project to do in one class. and another major project for you excellerated class. You take it day by day and try not to kill anyone. Or kill everyone and make yourself feel better. thing work out. they always do. I'll pass and move on to my next term which is over loaded because I want to graduate on time. and of course your classes have been separated in to A and B sessions. Except for a few. Come back later for more hyjinks. Bye for now.

Posted at 09:47 am by jetblack21
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Monday, October 09, 2006

Miserlou *SUPER NEEK!!!!* Satuday night was Grrrreat! Why you ask well be cause my buddie Time and I hung out...Not only that but his gf Anna was there too. We went out for foo then back to my place for a movie night. Posiden, remake of posiden adventure, sure does suck much ass! Well Anna was falling asleep and since she lived out in Evergreen I told her that she and tim could stay the night. Which made her very happy. So did the massage Time gave her.... anyway, I got scrounged up blankets and pillows for them and we headed to my room. Only becuase the downstairs of the house gets really cold at night. and it was about 40 degrees that night. They both slept on the floor and I slept in my bed. Anna warned us that if she got up before both of us...we were gona get molested ;). But I woke up first at seven then Tim at eight. Anna got up at nine. I told her if she was gonna take a shower she'd better do it soon cause the parents get home at noonish. Now I'm apparently awsome for letting her do so. My parents get home early at 11:15 and Anna just walks out of the shower. Fully clothed. Tim and Anna leave to go to Borders. I stay home to talk to my parents. My mother seemed shocked that there was a girl in the shower.. My dad...not so much. She, mom, asked if she needed to wash her bedding. and I said no. I'd have to say that was one of the most awsome Saturdays I've had in awhile.

Posted at 07:20 pm by jetblack21
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Saturday, October 07, 2006

We Can Win Cause We're Ugly! GAAAAAA................I think my brain has been raped by lack of sleep. It feels like a have a constant haze in there...Sleepy but for no reason.... Anyway, School has been going rather well I have two definet A's on fluxuating C and an unkown grade. As long as I can raise my G.P.A up to a 3.0 I'm happy. I won't take much cause it's at a 2.8. I got my group project out of the way and it went well. My two partners Brian and Justin all did their work. But Fuker! (yes that's his name) bailed out on us...THAT SON-OF-A-BITCH! I swear If I see him I'm gonna beat his candy ass......brain...hurts....ummmm school yes...Other than that things are fine. I have the weekend for myself because the parents are in michigan for the weekend, but so far nothing has happened. I'm lonely...If I don't have anyone around me I basically become a bitch hermit....I have one term of college left then it's out to the work worl....yay...but then I'll be able to get my own place....and be a bitch hermit......unless I ask some friends to move in with I don't have to be a bitch hermit.................................... ......BITCH HERMIT

Posted at 05:35 pm by jetblack21
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Saturday, August 26, 2006
Bums on a Train!!

Hi.....been awhile hasn't it. I just been lazy ass per usual. I'm getting A's in all my classes. I hope I can keep that up. My parents went on vacation last week to Acapoloco. They had a good time. I really like my speech class and my networking 230 class. Probably cause I understand things in the 230 class. I'm a little lonely. ok ok I'm very lonely. I need some female contact if you know what I mean. It's just that the school I go to is pretty much a dude fest. Other than that I've been making it a point to start walking again. I took along walk this morning with my mom. It was fun. It's strange.....I haven;t been watching alot of tv latetly...let me rephrase that. I haven't been watching alot of Prime Time tv. I watch the occasional White Sox game, My name is Earl on Thursday, Mythbusters on Wednesday and Stooges and Svengoolie on Saturday. but that's about it. I find myself online more often (when the net actually is connected) and talking to peeps on AIM/YIM. Of course I hang out with my friends but they are usually working on the weekends. I'm thinking of getting an MP3 player with the prize money I won from the school computer sculpting contest. I've been told by multipule people that a Creative nano is the way to go. I have only $100 to use and to be honst I don't want anything fancy. just something that plays my music. More to come soon. I promise

Posted at 08:17 pm by jetblack21
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